Crazy, busy, wonderful December

December is an interesting time of year. It is a mix of catch-ups with friends, late nights looking at lights with little ones, hitting up busy shopping centers for gifts and way too much yummy food.

Add into the mix school and kinder parties and the end of a long-term and you get tired, cranky little ones.

With all this happening it’s still my favourite time of the year because it’s about spending more time with the people you love and creating happy memories.

The pre-Christmas preparation of making the pudding with all the little ones in the family stirring and making a wish. Followed by the annual making of reindeer food, insert - complete and utter chaos here!

A bit like our neighbour who rushed over to buy some last minute gift ideas from Plane Play as she hadn't had time to buy any - and its only the start of the year!

Then stashed away until Christmas Eve to be sprinkled on the lawn for Santa’s reindeers. Not to be forgotten is wrapping up 24 of their favourite stories with them, with only one to be unwrapped one each night as the surprise bedtime story.

Taking the little ones shopping for them to pick out a gift for their teachers to say thank you all the experiences you provide and the long hours you put in for me.

This always provides a giggle, some interesting gifts have been picked to go with the homemade cards.

And, then the real fun begins pulling a late night on the 24th December knowing I’ll be waking up ultra early to shrieks of excitement that Santa has arrived and seeing pure joy on their little faces.

It is an exhausting, chaotic busy time of year, but l wouldn’t have it any other way raising our little family.


Brooke @ Plane Play

Happy holidays!

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