How to survive a long-haul flight

Those three words... long haul flight is enough to make any parent nervous.

Children are by their very nature active, inquisitive little people and this doesn’t change simply because they are on a plane.

We have all the tricks to make your long-haul stress free for you and your children;

  • Pick the best flight time according to your child’s sleep, awake and active routine.
  • Select seats strategically that have less foot traffic, not to far or too close from the toilet and ample leg space for kids to play on the ground.
  • You know your child best, their needs and wants. Be realistic about what is reasonable to expect from them. Talk to your child about what they can expect from the flight prior.
  • Break the flight into small chunks. Each two-hour period could encompass snacks/drink, walk around the cabin, nappy change, sleep, playing on the floor at your feet with new unseen toys. Plane Play has the best range in portable play designed for flying families.
  • Tag team with your entourage if you have a support team - a partner, grandparents, Aunty or Uncles so everyone stays stress-free. Caring for children in confined spaces can be exhausting.
  • Take a smaller bag within your carry on that can be left at your feet or under the seat in front of you with a few non-messy snacks, drink bottle with a good seal to ensure no leaking, change mat, a single nappy, small packet of wipes, small hand sanitizer, dummy and new toys. It’s difficult getting up and down to the overhead locker when travelling with children.
  • It’s easy to lose track of time in a plane, reminders that it’s almost bedtime work well In preparing children prior to sleep. For overnight flights change into pjs with a familiar blanket, toy with a story. 
  • You may at times feel like the whole plane has eyes on you. They are looking to see what a great job you are doing and high fiving you with their eyes because their hand can’t reach.
  • When queuing to clear customs have an unseen small toy ready to pull out at a moment’s notice because that line can be long, but feel even longer when stepping off a long haul flight.

Happy Holidays!

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