Plane Plays Top 5 Travel Tips


Plane Play stocks the biggest brands in portable play and travel activities for children 0-8, so here is our Top 5 travel tips.


1 - Special snacks

A range of healthy and special snacks you know your child likes that don't require cooling, heating and are mess free. If you plan to keep any uneaten food be sure to check which foods, you can keep on arrival at your destination.

2 - Open Dialogue

Communicating with your child

Talk to your child prior to leaving the house about what to expect, it will help them feel more comfortable throughout the journey and less stressful for everyone.

3 - Baggage

Choose your carry-on bag wisely to maximize space, weight and to also free up your hands during transit. Check your carry-on luggage allowance so you can pack the bag strategically and ensure you aren't over the limit before leaving the house.

4 - Engaging toys and activities

When flying you encounter a lot planned waiting, but then there are also the unforeseen long periods of waiting like delayed flights. Plane Play specialize in toys and activities to keep your children engaged and off the screen from the moment you check in to arriving at your destination with pack and play items.

5 - Planning

The balance between planning and having flexibility is important when travelling with children. Pre-planning prior to arriving at your destination, while having flexibility once at your destination can reduce stress for the whole family.



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