Planning the Ultimate Staycation

Holidays are amazing and we always wish we could go on more or stay longer.

Now you can with adding some staycations into the year. Here is the ultimate guide for creating memories with your little ones and that holiday feeling without leaving the house or spending big. 


Get Organised...

  1. Before organising your staycation you need to decide if you want a sunny, warm one or a cosy cold one.
  2. Check each families members schedule, you don't want to feel compelled to do anything you don't really want- that's what makes holidays so amazing.
  3. Make your wish list so you can work out the length of time for your staycation
  4. Plan to ensure everyone in the family has their cup filled by the end of the staycation - yes that includes you mumma (or dad if your reading this)!

Staycation wishlist ideas ... 

  • Book a cleaner or a helping hand to do the laundry or ironing
  • Pre-cook meals prior and freeze them, order take away or try a new restaurant
  • Order your groceries online and have them delivered to your kitchen bench
  • Create new experiences by planning day trips to pools or beaches, new playgrounds, bike rides, zoos, aquariums, snowfields to make snow angels or new mountain climbing treks
  • Find a new cafe for the period of your staycation. On vacation, you get to try out new cafes and sample their coffee
  • Head to the movies or stay in and check out Netflix
  • Choose and organise your reading material prior - will it be books, magazines or audio books?
  • Filling mummas cup with a massage, hair appointment, pedicure, coffee out without the kids, extended gym sessions or walks
  • Give your children some screen-free periods to unplug too. We all need downtime, the smaller we are the more we need it. Plane Play has the best range in busy, screen-free play.
  • Want a Premium Staycation? Check out local hotels for 2-night specials.

Well, what are you waiting for? Start planning your ultimate staycation!

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