Travelling with a baby: Just remember, everything will be OK

We booked a flight to New Zealand not long after our newborn came into this world. It was a family visit trip, to see my other halves family. I spent a lot of time researching how to manage a trip like this with a baby. And I’m here to share what I learned: what worked, what didn’t, and how to enjoy it even when things go wrong.

5 reflections on travelling with a baby:

Travelling with a baby: Find your Mama Tribe.

Join an online platform, like Essential Baby. It helped me realise that other families are able to incorporate their dreams and current lifestyle into their new, growing family life. It’s an endless inspiration. Seeing other parents rocking the travel world with kids in tow, will make anyone want to dust off their passport. This mama included!

Travelling with a baby: Find the Right Gear

All the baby gear we purchased leading up to the birth were travel sized, light, and portable. I cannot stress enough how much this saved us. Some of my favourites: an extra lightweight travel cot (we used a portable pack and play), a clip on a high chair, and a baby wearing carrier. My absolute favourite item is a lightweight backpack that we use as a baby bag! 

Travelling with a baby: Don’t Forget that People Around The World Have Babies

You won’t have to worry about finding diapers, wipes, even formula if it's an extended trip. Most stores have an online shop now so do some quick research before heading away. However, if your loved one is hypersensitive it won't hurt taking some in zip lock bags.

Travelling with a baby: Remembering Forgiveness

As a new mom, I realised there were going to points where I was going to mess up. Don’t stress out if your child’s naps or bedtime becomes disrupted. You’re travelling! I pumped in our rental car more times than I can count, and shed numerous tears on the flight home with a fussy baby. It will be ok. Give yourself a break — and a pint of the good stuff (you’re on a trip!). Tomorrow is a new day — and everything isn’t as bad as it feels.

Travelling with a baby: Remembering Patience

Above all, be patient. You’ll have to change a baby in the most inopportune moments (lots of park benches!) and having a baby forces you to slow down. Meals aren’t as enjoyable as they used to be, so I recommend not spending too much on those. Have a couple of nice meals of course, but stick to the casual route. You’ll save time, money, and your sanity.

Enjoy it! It’s the new normal.


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