About Plane Play

Our Mission

Provide the best in portable toys, activities and craft to keep little hands busy, grow little minds and help parents reduce the stress of flying with young children.

When you think of booking a holiday all the amazing, fun-filled images pop into your mind... then you realise you’ve still got to get there.. with children in tow.

Traveling with children is an amazing experience for all the family, the key is prior preparation and organisation.

Keeping children engaged whilst waiting to board, while seated on the plane, waiting inline at immigration and then again at the baggage collection carousel is a lot of waiting around.  Here at Plane Play we have you covered with specific toys and activities for both short and long haul flights for babies, toddlers and older children.

Plane Play was born because traveling with a family can be and should be non-stressful and enjoyable for everyone in the family. Plane Play is designed to keep little hands busy and grow little minds with specific toys and activities for the smallest members of your entourage.

Happy holidays!